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Plaintiffs' Opening Brief

Part 1
Defendants' 1492 Rule is Contrary to Law
The Cultural Affiliation Determination Must be Vacated

Part 2
Defendants Violated the APA and Due Process Guarantees
Defendants Violated the Establishment Clause
Defendants Improperly Prevented Study by Plaintiffs

Part 3
The Site Cover-Up Violated NHPA and Destroyed Evidence
Defendants Have Not Properly Curated the Skeleton
Defendants Violated FOIA to Withhold Information
The Court Should Avoid the Futulity of Another Remand

Appendix A - Defendants Exparte Contact
1. Ex Parte Contacts with Coalition
2. Ex Parte Contacts with the White House
3. Ex Parte Contacts with the Trial Attorneys

Appendix B - Exchange of Informatiion with Coalition
1. Meetings
2. Telephone Conferences
3. Letters and Other Forms of Remote Contact

Affidavits (tbd)

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