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Appendix B
Exchange of Information with Coalition

1. Meetings

This table lists the known meetings between defendants and Coalition members relating to defendants' administrative process. It is based upon a review of documents contained in defendants' administrative record and may not be complete. The items noted here include relevant matters also listed in Appendix A-1. References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record.

Date - Subject Matter - Participants - [References]

11/8/96 Strategies for repatriation of skeleton and site stabilization Coalition, Zane, Simmons, Curtis [COE 8684-8685]

12/18/96 Status of lawsuit, discussion of the term "Native American", and other topics Kirts, Zane, Coalition [COE 8597-8598]

6/30/97 Status update and development of administrative record for the skeleton Corps, Coalition [COE 7308]

September 1997 Site burial project Corps, Coalition [COE 5679]

11/13/97 Chatters, disposition of skeleton, site investigation Curtis, Coalition [COE 6650 (see also 6651 - 6654)]

5/12/98 Sources of information ("especially on traditional histories"), DOI Approach to Documentation, and other topics McManamon,
Coalition, COE, Simmons
[COE 5594 DOI 02883]

7/14/98 DOI's Approach to Documentation and release of inventory list McManamon, Coalition, Simmons [COE 5127-5128]

December 1998 Study of the skeleton McManamon, Colville [DOI 03624]

7/27/99 Results of nondestructive studies, next steps for treatment of skeleton, and other topics McManamon, Coalition, Roberts, Simmons [DOI 04410 DOI 04252]

10/14/99 Development of cultural studies, kinds of data needed for investigation of cultural affiliation, possible DNA testing McManamon, Coalition [DOI 05002 - 05003 DOI 05773]

2/11/00 Cultural affiliation study, DNA testing, information from Coalition McManamon, Coalition [DOI 07034 (see also 07035 - 07038), DOI 08502 - 08503]

7/7/00 Cultural affiliation including areas where Coalition "may be able to supply additional information to address discontinuities or gaps" McManamon, Coalition [DOI 08703 - 08705 DOI 09040]

7/25/00 Kennewick Man administrative process Babbitt aide to A. Minthorn, Umatilla [DOI 09499]

1 References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record.

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