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Appendix A
Defendants' Ex Parte Contacts

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2. Ex Parte Contacts With White House

The following table lists Dr. McManamon's known contacts with White House staff. It consists of those contacts that plaintiffs were able to find in defendants' administrative record and may not be complete. See end of table for text of footnotes.

Date - Purpose of Meeting - Participants - [References]

10/30/97 To discuss current status of remains, actions "to remedy curation shortcomings", site study, site protection White House staff, McManamon, Simmons, Schiffer, Michael, and others [COE 0002504 to 0002505]

7/9/98 To discuss NAGPRA and "some aspects of the Kennewick case" White House staff, McManamon, and others [DOI 03977]

1 The administrative record also indicates that at least three other meetings (10/20/97, 11/3/97 and 11/7/97) were held between White House staff and defendants' interagency task force for Kennewick Man. See references in COE 0002504-0002505 and DOI 02002-02005. It cannot be determined from these documents whether Dr. McManamon also attended these three other meetings, and therefore they are not listed in the table. These documents also indicate that at least two other meetings of defendants' interagency task force were held on 11/4/97 and 11/6/97. Dr. McManamon participated in the 11/6/97 meeting by telephone. See DOI 02005.

2 References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record.

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