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Appendix B
Exchange of Information with Coalition

2. Telephone Conferences

This table lists the known telephone conferences between defendants and Coalition members relating to defendants' administrative process. It is based upon a review of documents contained in defendants' administrative record and may not be complete. The items noted here include relevant matters also included in Appendix A-1. References are to page numbers in defendants administrative record.

Date Subject Matter Participants [References]

11/3/97 Undescribed issues concerning the skeleton Corps, Coalition [COE 6707]

11/20/98 First phase studies of the skeleton McManamon, Coalition [DOI 04215]

4/14/99 Study experts, additional examination of skeleton, and other topics McManamon, Coalition [DOI 04215, DOI 04282]

2/16/00 DNA testing and cultural affiliation studies Coalition, senior DOI officials [DOI 08502, DOI 10819]

5/23/00 DNA testing of skeleton Roberts, Coalition [DOI 08607]

References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record.

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