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Appendix B
Exchange of Information with Coalition

3. Letters and Other Forms of Remote Communication

This table lists the known letters, e-mails, and other forms of remote communication in which defendants provided information to, or requested information from, Coalition members relating to defendants' administrative process. It is based upon a review of documents contained in defendants' administrative record. The items noted here include relevant matters listed in Appendix A-1. References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record.

Date Nature of Contact Participants {References]

9/16/96 Letter requesting comments on disposition of skeleton Curtis to Colville [See reference in COE 9190]

10/9/96 Letter requesting comments on site stabilization plan, and confirming Coalition visit to site Corps to Coalition [COE S-930 - 933]

11/11/96 Letter requesting information to document tribal affiliation to skeleton Curtis to Yakama [See reference in COE 7310]

11/14/97 Letter summarizing key points of 11/3 meeting Curtis to Coalition [COE 6650]

11/28/96 Letter requesting information to document cultural affiliation Curtis to Coalition [COE 8626 to 8627 (see also 8628-8635)]

12/24/96 Letter re use of Dr. Donald Tyler to evaluate documentation on the skeleton Corps to Coalition [COE 8365 (see also 8366, 8367, 8369)]

1/28/97 Letter asking for affidavits on religious and cultural concerns for defendants' use in lawsuit Corps to Colville [COE 8267 to 8268]

6/16/97 Letter requesting cultural affiliation information Corps to Coalition [COE 7310 (see also 7311, 7312, 7313, 7314)]

9/23/97 Letter responding to concerns about Smithsonian study of the skeleton Curtis to Colville, Wanapum, & Nez Perce [COE 7067]

9/24/97 Letter requesting comments on Huckleberry et. al. ARPA permit request Curtis to Coalition [COE 7050 (see also 7051 to 7054)]

10/2/97 Letter requesting "your concurrence to validate what information we presently have" Curtis to Umatilla [COE 06918]

10/9/97 Letter re Chatters and examination of remains Curtis to Nez Perce [COE 6895c]

2/26/98 Letter enclosing documents sent to Washington SHPO re site stabilization Corps to Coalition [COE 6034 (see also 6035 to 6038)]

6/16/98 Letter transmitting copy of DOI Approach to Documentation for review and input McManamon to Coalition [DOI 03003 (see also 03006, 03009, 03013, 03015)]

6/29/98 Fax with copy of revised DOI Approach to Documentation McManamon to Coalition [DOI 3095-03102]

7/27/98 Letter re any additional comments or concerns about proposed Approach to Documentation McManamon to Coalition
[DOI 03312 (see also 03323, 03334, 03339)]

11/12/98 Letter requesting recommendations for experts to study the skeleton McManamon to Coalition [DOI 03594 (see also 03599, 03601, 03603)]

11/12/98 Letter enclosing copy of Approach to Documentation and responding to Umatilla questions to NAGPRA Committee McManamon to Minthorn [DOI 03596]

8/3/99 Letter requesting input on C14 testing McManamon to Coalition [DOI 04542]

10/4/99 Fax re meeting to discuss cultural affiliation and requesting Coalition input McManamon to Coalition [DOI 04981]

10/7/99 McManamon letter scheduling meeting and requesting cultural affiliation information McManamon to Coalition [DOI 04992 (see also 04993-04996)]

January 2000 Letter responding to Colville letter of 1/19/00 McManamon to Colville [DOI 05773]

2/17/00 Letter asking for additional information on cultural affiliation McManamon to Coalition [DOI 07034 (see also 07035-07038)]

5/11/00 Letter responding to concerns re treatment of skeleton and "process for determining their cultural affiliation" Babbitt aide to Umatilla [DOI 08502]

6/21/00 Memorandum enclosing final cultural affiliation reports, requesting additional information from Coalition and scheduling meeting for 7/7/00 McManamon to Coalition, Bevan, Simmons [DOI 08695]

7/24/00 Letter requesting information on cultural affiliation McManamon to Yakama, Wanapum, Nez Perce [DOI 08713 (see also 08716, 08719)]

7/24/00 Letter requesting information on specific questions relating to cultural affiliation McManamon to Colville [DOI 08714-08715]

7/24/00 Letter requesting information on specific questions relating to cultural affiliation, including comments on data provided by the Coalition McManamon to Umatilla [DOI 08717-08718]

7/24/00 Letter promising DNA results within next month and asking for more input on cultural affiliation McManamon to Coalition [DOI 08735 (see also 08736, 08737)]

8/15/00 Letter answering questions re Kennewick Man administrative process Babbit aide to Armand Minthorn [DOI 09499]

References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record

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