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Plaintiffs' Reply to Defendants

Part 1
Defendants Have Not Shown That Their 1492 Rule is Proper
Defendants' Cultural Affiliation Determination Violated the Administrative Procedures Act

Part 2
Defendants Repatriation to a Coalition Violates the Statute
Defendants Use of Informal Adjudication Was Improper and Contrary to the Court's Order
Defendants' First Amendment Arguments Misstate the Law and Facts

Part 3
Defendants Violated NHPA
Defendants' Curation Arguments Are Not Credible
Defendants Violated the Freedom of Information Act
A Second Remand to Defendants Would Not be Appropriate

Appendix C
Cultural Affiliation Information Submitted by Plaintiffs

Appendix D
Plaintiffs' Participation in Administrative Process (Meetings, Telephone Conferences, Letters and other Forms of Remote Communication)

Appendix E
Handling (9/1996 - 12/1998)

Dr. Robson Bonnichsen
Dr. Douglas Owsley
Ms Cleone Hawkinson

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