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Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum filed June 4, 2001
Appendix C

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The following table lists some of the information submitted by plaintiffs to defendants relevant to the question of cultural affiliation. None of these items is cited in DOI's Human Culture in the Southeastern Columbia Plateau. See end of table for footnotes.

Date Submitted - Document - Topics Addressed - [Reference]

3/17/97 Bonnichsen aff., pages 7,8 Surviving descendants not likely; prehistoric mobility patterns [DOI 04405, 04406]

3/17/97 Brace aff., page 3 Skeleton unlikely to be related to any present Columbia River tribe [DOI 01546]

3/17/97 Chatters aff., pages 4,5 Skeleton cannot be assigned to any existing group; cannot be assumed he was a resident of Kennewick area [DOI 01580-01581]

3/17/97 Ollendorf aff., page 3 Cultural inferences from phytoliths [DOI 01539]

3/17/97 Stanford aff., pages 3-4, 6-7 Ancient lifestyles and mobility patterns; chances of group extinction; cultural inferences from dietary information [ER 50-51; DOI 8038-39]

12/5/97 Lahr letter to Army Corps Population relatedness and dispersal [ER 21-26 See footnote 2]

12/29/97 Scientific article by M.M. Lahr, Evolutionary Anthropology, 1997 Extinction of early New World populations; impossibility of tracing descendant relationships over 400 generations [DOI 02142-02146]

12/29/97 Cavalli-Sforza,, The History and Geography of Human Genes, 1994, pages 154-57, 302-342 Extensive geographic movements of New World tribes [DOI 02173-02219]

3/11/98 Brace letter to Curtis Effects of biological, cultural and linguistic changes over time [COE 5944-48
See fn. 2]

5/6/98 Scientific article by J. Nichols, Evolutionary Anthropology Vol 3, 1994-95 Oldest language families are 6000 years; limits on use of linguistics [COE 5637-46 See fn. 2]

5/6/98 Scientific article by E. Zubrow in The Human Evolution, 1989, pages 212-231 2% demographic disadvantage can lead to group replacement within 1000 years [COE 5627-36 See fn. 2]

5/6/98 J. Kingdon, Self-Made Man and His Undoing, 1993 Small selective advantages can result in replacement of one group by another [COE 5647-48 See fn. 2]

5/6/98 R.S. Desowitz, Who Gave Pinta to the Santa Maria Infectious disease patterns indicating prehistoric Eurasian contacts with the Americas [COE 5649-50 See fn. 2]

6/23/98 Brace letter to McManamon and Army Corps Limitations on oral tradition and linguistics evidence; surviving descendants not likely [ER 73-77; (DOI 3160-65)]

8/3/99 Bonnichsen aff., pages 7-8 Living descendants not likely; early mobility patterns [ER 92-93
DOI 4405-06]

8/3/99 Brace aff., page 2 Multiple early populations [DOI 04269]

8/3/99 Steele aff., page 5 Past genetic diversity increases difficulty of establishing ancestor/descendant relationships [See fn. 2]

4/28/00 Schurr aff., pages 3, 5-6 Difficulties of establishing ancestor/descendant relationships [See fn.3]

8/8/00 Denman aff. Wanapum oral tradition about the Stick People [ER 132-33 (DOI 8979-80)]

8/8/00 Simic aff. Limitations on use of oral tradition; processes of cultural change [ER 138-147 (DOI 8985-94)]

8/8/00 Archambault aff. Limitations on uses of oral tradition; variations in Native American religious beliefs [ER 126-31 (DOI 8973-78)]

8/8/00 Lindsay aff. Nez Perce attitudes concerning the dead [ER 134-37 (DOI 8981-84)]

8/8/00 Taylor aff. Language changes; prehistoric population movements [ER 148-155 (DOI 8995-02)]

1 "ER" refers to plaintiffs' Excerpt of Record. "DOI" refers to the Department of Interior's administrative record.

2 Sent to defendants, but no copy found in DOI's administrative record.

3 Filed with the Court, but no copy found in DOI's administrative record.

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