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Plaintiffs' Reply Memorandum filed June 4, 2001
Appendix E

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This table lists the activities that involved access to, handling or movement of the Kennewick Man skeleton from September 1996 through December 1998.

Activities Date Participants [Reference]

Preparation of Summary List of the Collection
September 10, 1996 Corps and Coalition representatives [COE 7914]

General Inventory and Preliminary Fact-finding at Battelle October 24-25, 1997 Trimble, Militello [COE 2506, 2512, 2515, 1516]

Rehousing at Battelle
a) Inventory of collection
b) Curation assessment
c) Removal of plaster from the remains
d) Putting fragments in new temporary packaging (labeled ziplock bags)
e) Repacking bags of fragments into storage containers November 4, 1997 Trimble, Lueck, Militello, Fang [COE 2477-2482 COE 2488]

Condition Assessment
a) Inventory verification
b) Assessment of condition of remains
March 9, 1998 Trimble, Lueck [COE 2392]

Premove Activities
a) Unpacking fragments
b) Photographing fragments
c) Plaintiffs' court-ordered inventory
d) Conducting condition assessment
e) Repacking collection for move to the Burke Museum
October 28-29, 1998 Trimble, Lueck, Militello, Fang, Odegaard, Cassman, Owsley, Chatters [COE 1388-1390]

Entry at the Burke Museum
a) Unpacking containers
b) Verifying inventory and condition
c) Repacking collection into containers
October 29, 1998 Trimble, Lueck Militello, Cassman, Odegaard [COE 1391]

1 Does not include tribal religious ceremonies conducted with the skeleton.
2 Unless otherwise noted, all activities were conducted by defendants.
3 References are to page numbers in defendants' administrative record.

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