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National Congress of American Indians withdraws

The National Congress of American Indians has filed a notice with the Federal District Court (Magistrate Jelderks) that they will no longer participate as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in any further proceedings related to the Kennewick Man lawsuit. This extraordinary move seems to suggest that this organization is now distancing itself from the position taken by the Joint Tribal Coalition.

Next steps

The Joint Tribes and the Department of Justice have until July 19, 2004 to file petitions asking the Supreme Court to review the 9th Circuit Opinion.

The Army Corps of Engineers will be held accountable to finally allow the scientists access to conduct studies.

We'll keep you informed as events continue to unfold.

Our thanks

The scientists' attorneys continue to work without compensation and to pay for litgation expenses. With your generous help, Friends of America's Past has helped cover a portion of these out-of-pocket expenses. We are grateful for your help as the out-of-pocket expenses continue.

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