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Government & Tribes ask Court for more time

Attorneys for the Joint Tribal Coalition and the Department of Justice have asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for more time to respond to the scientists' reply briefs filed May 21, 2003. The appeals process allows for an optional final reply which is normally due within 15 days. Both parties requested an additional 22 days (giving them 37 days to respond). We will post their requests, the scientists' reply, and the Court's response in the days to come.

Amici briefs in support of the scientists' position were due by Thursday, May 29, 2003. Parties have received requests for permission to file briefs from:

--The Ethnic Minority Council (rights of nonrecognized Indians and other minorities of Asian and Polynesian ancestry)

--The Ohio Archaeological Council (NAGPRA requirements and the archeological record)

--The Pacific Legal Foundation (Chevron deference and First Amendment issues)

--The State of Texas (importance of additional studies)

--Drs. Andre Simic and Glynn Custred (evaluating oral tradition as evidence)

--Drs. Ives Goddard and William Shipley (evaluating linguistics as evidence)

We'll post all briefs in the days to come.

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