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Ethnic Minority Council of America Statement

Molly Brennan writes

I read the article about Ethnic Minority Council of America. The EMCA wrote to J. Robbins expressing their opinions on the disposal of unidentified human remains. They disagree with the remains being given to the closest geographic or politically connected Native American tribal group. The assumption that all remains are "Native American" prior to 1492 is controversial. The EMCA believes there are legal and spiritual danger in presenting non-related remains to group who will bury them in tribal family cemeteries.

I agree with the EMCA the unidentified remains should be given back to their proper group/tribe. I also believe that these bodies should be studied by the scientists. If they fail to identify them then they should be kept. Obviously they still could be studied more because not everything is known. The EMCA recommends that the unidentified remain should also be studied by the scientists. The location of the remains must not be used as the prime identification method. I believe this is a good idea also because people moved and relocated. Also the idea of being taken captive by another group must be considered. I also like the idea of the remains being stored properly until accurately identified and then given to their people. This also reminds me of the Kennewick man video we watched in class. I disagreed with them covering up that area where the found the body. I understand that the Native Americans want to bury them but I think the scientists could have worked with the area and then turned it over to the Indians-if in fact that is who the body belongs to?

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