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An Oregonian Writes...

An Oregonian Writes...

I read about your efforts in the Oregonian. This controversy should never have happened. The handling of this rare valuable skeleton has been grossly negligent from the start. It wasn't a grave being robbed. If foreign governments behaved the same way as ours, I wonder if the wonderful remains being discovered worldwide would be taboo also. The very latest ancestral find in South Africa that isn't even H. sapiens could possibly be grabbed for spiritual reasons too, and never studied. How far back would it go?

I would like to contribute to your effort, but would like to know if your organization has paid staff, and what percentage of donations will go to the expenses listed on your webpage. I would only be making a small contibution, but if I am wondering about this, I'm sure others likely to support you may hesitate too.

Name withheld by request.

We reply...

Thank you for your interest in Friends of America's Past. We have no paid staff. The Board of Directors has donated all the funds to establish this organization: filing fee, web site, mailbox, brochures, postage, etc. All donations (100%) will be directed toward expenses incurred for the study of the Kennewick Skeleton, should studies be allowed, and for expenses related to continuing the case. We also hope to create a fund that will allow us to assist others who wish to file suits similar to the Kennewick Man case.

You can rest assured we will appreciate any donation you care to make and will use it with great care. Your interest and support encourages our optimism that we can succeed. Our success depends on a strong network of support.

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