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The Archaeological Society of Ohio (ASO) proudly presents the First Annual Symposium

The Peopling of the New World
Saturday May 22, 2004
Concourse Hotel, Columbus, Ohio
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Dinner Banquet 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

The Archeological Society of Ohio is proud to present the First Annual Symposium on "Peopling of the New World." Please join us to hear, meet, and c onverse with some of the most prminent "Paleo" researchers as they present current and ongoing research on the earliest North Americans.
Featured Speakers:

Dr. James Adovasio - Mercyhurst College
Robert Converse - Editor Ohio Archaeologist
Dr. Jim Chatters - Central Washington University
Dr. Thomas Dillehay - University of Kentucky (Keynote Speaker)
Dr. Michael Gramly - American Society for Amateur Archeology
Dr. Dale Gnidovec - Ohio State University
Dr. Douglas Owsley - Smithsonian Institution
Dr. Olaf Prufer - Kent State Univeristy
Dr. Brian Redmond - Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Dr. Dennis Stanford - Smithsonian Institution

The one-day symposium will be followed by a dinner banquet and keynote speaker in the evening and our annual meeting the following day. Limited seating is available for both the symposium and banquet. The symposium will include poster sessions and displays of Paleo material. More information at

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