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Special Thanks to Special People

We are grateful for the help that has come to us in so many ways:

The small consulting company who hosted our site the first year.

The copy center who gave us lots of advice and a great deal producing our Clovis and Beyond conference posters.

The anonymous donor from Utah who sent a generous contribution.

The email messages from around the world asking great questions, a daily reminder that people from all walks of life want to know about the past.

The soft-spoken Texan who has offered invaluable guidance, perspective, and put.extraordinary opportunities in our path.

The teachers in Colorado and Minnesota who have designed class projects on this case.

The newsletters and magazines who have published our articles and the groups who have asked us to speak.

Most recently, Nova for including our site as a resource for the program, "Mystery of the First Americans"

And You. Thanks for visiting our site. We appreciate your interest.

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