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Articles Wanted

Friends of America's Past will pay for original unpublished articles and essays to publish on our website. Authors will receive $150 for each manuscript accepted for publication. In addition, the best manuscript of the year will earn the author(s) a prize of $1,000.

Articles and essays may be of any length over 500 words. They should deal with issues concerning how scientific investigation of the past is affected by American repatriation or other cultural resource management laws (federal, state or local). The words "scientific investigation", "affected" and "laws" are used here in their broadest possible meanings to include any impact on the development, publication or dissemination of information (or opinions) about the American past resulting from requirements or standards imposed by the law.

Authors may address relevant topics from any perspective they deem appropriate. For example, articles or essays may discuss how particular statutes came to be enacted, what they were originally intended to accomplish, how they are being applied by various government agencies or other institutions, what are the appropriate evidentiary standards for decision making under a particular law, whether a statute (or part thereof) represents good public policy, and so on.

While authors are free to express their personal opinions on issues, articles and essays should not consist solely of subjective views. A meaningful effort should be made to convey new factual information or epistemological perspectives.

General Terms and Conditions

Authors may submit as many manuscripts as they wish. Manuscripts must be original and not have been published elsewhere.

Factual assertions must be supported by appropriate references to published sources.

Manuscripts must be submitted in an electronic format that is compatible with, or convertible into, Microsoft Word. Follow the American Antiquity editorial format for in-text reference citations, references, tables, and the like.

Remuneration for any article or essay authored by more than one person will be divided equally among the authors named in the manuscript. No author’s remuneration will be paid to any Director of Friends of America’s Past or to a member of his or her immediate family.

All copyrights to manuscripts published on our website must be assigned to Friends of America’s Past, but authors may republish all or any part of their manuscripts in other forums provided they appropriately acknowledge Friends of America’s Past as the original source of publication.

Friends of America's Past may accept or reject manuscripts for any reason, or without giving a reason, as it deems appropriate. To be eligible for the $1,000 best manuscript prize for any calendar year, the initial publication of an article or essay on Friends of America's Past website must occur during that calendar year. At our sole discretion, we may award more than one prize for any calendar year; such additional awards may be in amounts of less than $1,000. All decisions concerning the award of prizes will be at the sole discretion of Friends of America's Past Board of Directors, whose decisions will be final and conclusive on all parties.

Contact us at for information about how to submit a manuscript.

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